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Comparative Contemporaries

Collected by: Asia Art Archive

Archived since: Jan, 2016


Comparative Contemporaries is a web anthology project that brings together art writing from across Asia. The project begins with Southeast Asia and with five editors who each have selected what they believe are key texts of art writing from or for this part of the world. Their selections are reprinted here, as well as their introductions (see menu on the right). Over time, new editors and their “proto-anthologies” will be added to the website. Far from attempting to establish a canon of authors, the aim of Comparative Contemporaries is to generate a community of writers, researchers, curators, artists and readers engaged in debating and discussing contemporary art and art writing from Asia. An important feature of the website is the discussions forum, where readers comment on the selections and texts gathered here, as well as reflect on the larger themes and purposes of the project. Comparative Contemporaries had its beginnings as a symposium and workshop organised at The Substation arts centre in Singapore in 2003. The website is presented in collaboration with the Asia Art Archive.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Universities & Libraries

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